Android application that allows anyone hosting an event to have an event catered to them.


If each event were to have it's own application on your phone, that would be a waste of development time and space on the device.


The app had to be generic enough to adapt for any event, so things like colors or sponsors have to be dynamic. It also uses iBeacons to prompt the user to check into a session.


The session radar app was completed on time and allows for customization based on the event. The issue of each event needing their own application was resolved.

  • Skills
    • Design
    • Android
    • Backend
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MoFi Studios was 100% professional and exceeded my expectations on a daily basis. They can take a project, lay out the timelines, and completely meet your goals, which is rare in the development world. They were kind and courteous and I definitely plan on working with them again.

Kalen FosterCEO & Founder - SessionRadar