Daavlin service reports

Android application that allows service technicians to instantly submit a service report.


Daavlin is a medical device company that specializes in Phototherapy devices. These devices are maintained by their team of service technicians. These service technicians fill out service reports to log their efforts. One of the problems was that these reports often take a long time before being submitted as the technicians travel around the country.


The proposed app included the ability for service technicians to create and finish service reports instantly. The solution also included the ability for on-site sales/support staff to edit submitted reports. This was accomplished through the use of Google Sheets. Google Sheets allows for the submission of reports as rows in a spreadsheet, which most office workers are already familiar with.


The service report app was completed on time and allows for service reports to be instantly submitted. Also by using Google Sheets as the backend allowed for sales and support staff read/write access to these reports. The issue of long service report lead time was resolved.

  • Skills
    • Design
    • Android
    • Backend
    • Google Sheets
  • Client


Working with Jon was an awesome experience. He quickly designed and built the app. He also understood exactly what we wanted.

John DowlingVice President of Engineering.